About 2025EXPO Venue "Yumeshima"

Yumeshima Photo Album 2019-2022  English version →Download PDF 


About our activity "Yumeshima Creature Survey"

◆Message to BIE (Oct 03,2022)in preparation

Action against administration(in preparation)

◆Our roadmap to make the most of Yumeshima(Jun 28,2022)

"Toward Natural Restration in Yumeshima" by Natsuhara ("Toshi to Shizen” No.531  Apr. 2022)

◆"The future of Yumeshima" by Yoshihiro Natuhara(Chairman of Nature Conservation Society of Osaka )(Oct,2021)

◆Sep 15, 2021 Message To BIE
Summary version sent at the same time(Sep15, 2021)PDF

◆Introduction ~ Message from the Nature Osaka (Mar 24, 2021)

◆Signature campaign appealing for nature conservation(change.org)
change.org →https://www.nature.or.jp/action/yumeshimamirai/2021changeorg_2kue.html

◆Based on the workshop "Environmental Assessment Proposals from Citizens"
Summary of Independent “Preliminary EIA” and “TOR of EIA” for Environmental Impact Assessment of EXPO 2025 OSAKA(Aug 31,2019)

Sorry! Written in Japanese, but It's mostly a picture, so I hope you can see it.

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ネイチャーおおさか 公益社団法人 大阪自然環境保全協会

ネイチャーおおさかは、身近な自然を愛し、これを守り育てたいと願う市民が運営している公益社団法人の自然保護団体です。お電話でのお問い合わせはこちら 06-6242-8720

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